Madbull Airsoft Troy Control Pistol Grip in Black for AEG


The TROY Control Pistol Grip, featuring an aggressive scale pattern and four screw installation points, provides the ultimate grip and keeps the shooter's hand in place while having enough room for a large size motor. The locking cap screw also acts as motor adjustment for optimal performance. The Troy Control Grip features a refined grip angle, which sets your hand closer to the receiver, leading your arm and shoulder into a proper shooting position.

Package include:- 1 X Troy Control Pistol Grip- 1 X End Cap- 2 X End Cap Screws- 1 X Screw for motor adjustment- 4 X Screws to fasten lower receiver
Key Features:- For AR M4 style AEG with Ver. 2 gearbox. Fit Large size Motor - Aggressive Scale Pattern- Refined Grip Angle- 4 installation screws for solid attachment- Licensed by Troy Industries
Product Specs:
Length: 4.5"
Material: Polymer
Weight: 2.2oz
Color: Black and FDE
Replica of Troy Control Pistol Grip for AR15/M4/M16 Variants

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