Red Star Full Metal ComPact Machine (CPM) Airsoft AEG by Echo1 USA

The RedStar CPM is the perfect CQB rifle for the AK aficionado. This full metal airsoft rifle features a shortened barrel, making it easy to maneuver in tight situations. The side folding metal stock decreases the length even more. Comes complete with battery
  • Model Number:JP-23MB
  • FPS (Feet Per Second):380
  • Weight:2.7lbs / 2.7 kg
  • Feature:Metal AK74 with folding stock
  • Product Support:30 day limited warranty
  • Inner Barrel Length:285mm
  • Overall Length:500mm - 730mm
  • Barrel Caliber:6.06mm
  • Magazines Included:1
  • Magazine Capacity:550
  • Magazine Type:High Cap
  • Recommended BB:.25g or Higher
  • Power source:Battery
  • Battery and charger included:Yes
  • Lithium Polymer (LiPo) Ready:Yes
  • Battery Included:8.4v 1200 mAh Stick battery
  • Battery Location:Top spine of gun
  • Battery Rate of Fire (Default Battery):14
  • Battery Rate of Fire with 8.4v:14
  • Battery Rate of Fire with 9.6v:16
  • Battery Rate of Fire 11.1 Echo1 LiPo:18
  • BB Caliber:6mm
  • Bearing Size:7mm steel bearing
  • Body type:Metal
  • Gearbox Reinforced:Standard version 3
  • Gearbox Type:Version 3
  • Motor Type:Short Type Motor (Standard)
  • Sights included:Front and rear adjustable
  • Outer Barrel Construction:One piece metal
  • Metal Specifics:Most of gun
  • Plastic Specifics:Pistol grip, hand guard
  • Scope Mount:Side mount option
  • Sling Attachment:Front and rear
  • Spring Guide:Metal
  • Stock Type:Folding skeleton stock
  • Gear Specs:3 steel torque/ steel
  • Hop Up:Plastic 1pc Hop Up with Madbull Bucking
  • Piston Body:Polycarb
  • Piston Head:Ported and Bearing
  • Type of Spring:M100
  • Wiring Harness:V3 to the front with fuse

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