Speed Airsoft 3-piece Barrel Spacer for VFC ASW338LM Sniper Rifle


The SPEED Airsoft 3-piece barrel spacer kit is engineered to improve barrel consistency for the VFC ASW338LM sniper rifle. The factory rifle uses three M3 screws to float the complete barrel system, which can move and shift under use. The SPEED Performance Barrel Spacer Kit is designed to give the maximum shot to shot consistency for field use by preventing any unwanted barrel movement during each shot.

The VFC ASW338LM already has a rock solid monolith aluminum hand guard coupled with the one-piece continuous top rail. The SPEED Performance Barrel Spacer Kit supports the inner barrel with two o-ring dampened spacers and a specially designed spacer to support the outer barrel within the hand guard.

The SPEED Performance Barrel Spacer Kit (Part #SA3201) is CNC machined from Delrin and uses o-ring dampener throughout.

Part #SA3201 SPEED 3-Piece Spacer kit for VFC ASW338LM

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