Speed Airsoft Billet Piston Head (without Bearing)

SKU SA PH (SA3037)

SPEED Airsoft releases next generation Piston Head for AEGs

SPEED Airsoft releases their new Piston Head design that incorporates several new improvements to boost the AEG performance even further.

The new SPEED Piston Head pioneers the use of U-Cup rings, which have a much lower drag compared to regular o-rings. It also allows faster spring decompression and continuous air seal during the compression stage.

The new SPEED Piston Head eliminates the traditional porting holes in favor of a special milled face, which allows for the fastest way for air to get to the U-Cup ring, resulting in the best possible shot to shot consistency due to instant and continuous air seal.

Weight reduction holes are also included to keep the mass even lower which is important for high speed AEGs.

The new SPEED Piston Head is available in two versions, one with bearing and one without bearing. AEG owners who already have a ball-bearing spring guide requires the SPEED Part# SA3036 and those with non-bearing spring guide requires the SPEED Part# SA3037.

Fully compatible with V2 and V3 AEG gear boxes.

Machined from USA grade billet aluminum and anodized for durability.

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