Speed Airsoft KeyMod 360 Degree Sling Mount

The SPEED Dual Spec KeyMod Sling Mounts fully support the KeyMod specification to ensure the exact fit and compatibility.   Even the KeyMod nuts are specially CNC precision machined to ensure the highest quality.  You can choose a mount that will either allow a full 360 degree sling mount rotation or 45 degree intervals.
All SPEED KeyMod based airsoft products come with the Dual Spec KeyMod nuts system, that will support both Mil Spec nut specification as well as Airsoft nut specification.  
Kit includes the SPEED Dual Spec KeyMod Nuts System which will enable users to fully utilitze the SPEED KeyMod products on both KeyMod standards.

Part #SA3700 SPEED KeyMod Sling Mount 360 Deg (Black)  
Part #SA3701 SPEED KeyMod Sling Mount 360 Deg (Silver)  
Part #SA3702 SPEED KeyMod Sling Mount 45 Deg (Black)  
Part #SA3703 SPEED KeyMod Sling Mount 45 Deg (Silver)  

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