Speed Airsoft Precision Second Sear Replacement for M28/VSR10 (SA3098)


The SPEED Precision Sear Group includes a specialized first and second sear group that is designed to handle high spring power. SPEED uses a set-screw for the second sear to ensure that during the pivot range, the second sear rotates true on the pivot pin with no shift or wobble. The second sear contact surface is specially CNC profiled with a curve to minimize wear on the M28 plastic piston and extend the life of the piston to a greater amount of shots before replacement.

Developed by SPEED Airsoft, the SPEED second sear utilizes a very special design of three precision ground pins that can withstand the most powerful spring that sniper owners would ever want to use in their M28 and VSR-10 sniper rifles. The second sear pivots on the center pin and uses the other two pins as a sear lock up while the piston is cocked. This feature allows the SPEED Precision Sear Group to function as a single sear once the piston is engaged.

The SPEED first sear has been reinforced for added strength and the pivot pin is factory pressed in, to ensure that it pivots true and has zero play under load. The first sear surface is undercut so you can get a smooth and crisp trigger pull.

The SPEED Precision Sear Group is machined from USA Grade billet aluminum and hard surface anodized for high durability. It will fit the Echo1 M28 and other sniper rifles that are VSR-10 compatible.

The SPEED M28 / VSR-10 Precision Sear Group Performance Features:

-All pivot pins are precision ground and hardened.
-Second sear triple pin system.
-CNC profiled second sear contact surface for wear reduction.
-Allows for high power spring set ups.
-Second sear set screw to ensure shift and wobble free rotation.
-Undercut first sear area for smooth and crisp trigger pulls.
-Machined from USA Grade billet aluminum.
-Hard surface anodized for highest durability. 
  • Part #SA3099 SPEED M28 VSR-10 Precision Sear Group
  • Part #SA3098 SPEED M28 VSR-10 Replacement Second Sear

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