Speed Airsoft Special Edition (SE) External Tunable Trigger


SPEED Airsoft new Externally Tunable M4 SE (Special Edition) Trigger is designed for V2 gearbox that has upgraded from the stock block-switch to a micro-switch based MOSFET system.  The current SPEED Airsoft M4 Triggers (SA3032 to SA3035) have an internal set screw and are better suited for the older block style switch; whereas the new SPEED Airsoft M4 SE Triggers (SA3016 to SA3019) are externally tunable and are suited for today's M4 AEG, which already comes with a MOSFET system. 

The new SPEED Externally Tunable M4 SE Triggers incorporate an external set screw and utilize the stock trigger spring, which players can now adjust externally to reduce the pull distance, and fine tune anytime with no need to remove the mech box from the receiver.  


  • SA3013            SPEED M4 SE Curve Tunable Trigger (Blue)
  • SA3014            SPEED M4 SE Curve Tunable Trigger (Gold)
  • SA3015            SPEED M4 SE Curve Tunable Trigger (Red)
  • SA3016            SPEED M4 SE Curve Tunable Trigger (Silver)
  • SA3017            SPEED M4 SE Curve Tunable Trigger (Black)
  • SA3018            SPEED M4 SE Blade Tunable Trigger (Silver)
  • SA3019            SPEED M4 SE Blade Tunable Trigger (Black)
  • SA3020            SPEED M4 SE Blade Tunable Trigger (Gold)
  • SA3021            SPEED M4 SE Blade Tunable Trigger (Red)
  • SA3022            SPEED M4 SE Blade Tunable Trigger (Blue)


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