Modify Quantum (Nitroflon Coating Steel Teeth) Piston Body

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Full steel teeth rack with Nitroflon coated surfaces.
Lightweight polycarbonate construction.
For high power / high speed application.
Perfect length ratio of the lubricant rails along the side gives an absolutely
faultless performance inside the gearbox.
Reduce noise and rapid wear to increase smoothness and durability.


Nitroflon coated surfaces overcome two problems
associated with metallic parts moving against each other
at high speed: noise and rapid wear.
It is a metal-alloy coating of super hardness that helps
surfaces resist wear, remain quiet with reduced friction
under rapid movement without any lubricants, even when
subjected to heavy load.
Besides being an oil-free, metal-alloy lubricant coating of
super hardness, Nitroflon makes metallic surfaces resist
corrosion from moisture and high and low pH chemicals.

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